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Membership Fees

The membership fee and annual subscription were last revised at the 2004 A.G.M., and is currently 60 euros for initial membership fee, and 40 euros annual subscription (i.e., 100 euros for the first year and 40 euros per year thereafter), payable by standing order.

Your annual subscription goes towards defraying the operating costs of the Comharchumann, including such expenses as grass cutting, water rates, repairs and maintenance, and insurance, as well as providing subvention to the various sub-groups such as Pitch and Putt, Tennis, Basketball and Football. Without your contribution, we would be unable to operate the valuable community facilities currently offered and maintained, on a voluntary basis.

Membership Forms

CO-OP Rules

The rules of the CO-OP can be dowloaded at the link below.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Since 2012, new members joining Bearna Tennis club are automatically enrolled as members of the Co-Op see
  2. Membership confers the right to use the MUGA for various sports activities on a pre-booked basis
  3. Membership confers the right to play tennis (only) on the tarmac courts when not in use by Bearna Tennis Club
  4. Discount on green fees in Bearna Golf Club on production of proof of Co-Op membership
  5.  All fully paid-up members are shareholders in the Co-Op, who may vote at A.G.M.s/E.G.M.s/S.G.M.s. Access to the facilities is restricted to members whose current year’s subscription is paid up to date.

Benefits of Co-Ops

  1. The main advantage is the limited liability of the incorporated company (i.e.- the liability of the individual members to their share capital). This means the individual shareholders liability is limited to the amount he/she has invested in the company.
  2. It provides for continuity of existence. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a corporation has an unlimited life span. The corporation will continue to exist even if the shareholders die or leave the business, or if the ownership of the business changes.
  3. Corporations also have more ability to raise money, which may make it easier for your business to grow and develop. It is a 'body corporate', with the ability to act in its own right, to sue and to be sued, to make contracts, to give credit and to borrow money.
  4. It provides a framework within which the members (or shareholders) can formalise the relations with each other. Major fund raising decisions are taken at general meetings of members, whereas the practical running of the organisation is usually left to a committee of management or board of directors, elected by and from amongst the members. The Rules make detailed provision as to how authority in the organisation is to be exercised.
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